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Training Tracker client wins Law Society award for Best Training Firm

Training Tracker client and Kent Solicitors firm, Martin Tolhurst, has won the prestigious Excellence in Learning and Development category in the Law Society's...

Graham Spinks | 6 December, 2017
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Training Tracker just got even better!

The launch of our new interface makes Training Tracker even simpler to use, more intuitive and more engaging than ever...

Graham Spinks | 15 November, 2017
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Mandatory training – where should I start?

You need to create a training module to fulfil a mandatory obligation. How about thinking of the questions...

Graham Spinks | 1 February, 2016
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Editing photos online

Ever needed to crop, resize or brighten up a photo when working on a computer which didn't have any photo editing software installed?

Graham Spinks | 18 January, 2016
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Elearning not the right medium? Try a blended approach

It may be painful to acknowledge but elearning is certainly not be the best medium for every kind of subject matter. Of course, elearning is brilliant at what it's good at but...

Graham Spinks | 4 January, 2016
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Keeping your modules fresh

Well done! You've created a brilliant module and made it active. Now you can forget about it, right?...

Graham Spinks | 21 December, 2015
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Reinventing wheels

At Training Tracker we don't believe in reinventing the wheel. That's why we have enabled users to share modules.

Graham Spinks | 7 December, 2015
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