Elearning not the right medium? Try a blended approach

It may be painful to acknowledge but elearning is certainly not be the best medium for every kind of subject matter. Of course, elearning is brilliant at what it's good at but it may not be the best way to teach and check that somebody understands a practical skill, such as how to carry out resus, or a soft skill, such as how to talk encouragingly to a staff member who is not meeting their targets.

But don't jump to the conclusion that because elearning isn't the ideal way to teach the whole of a subject it doesn't have a role to play.

Have a think about what elements of the subject lend themselves to elearning
and restrict your online module to dealing with those parts of the topic making it clear that trainees also need to complete some further offline training to round off their skills.

Then you might consider asking people to complete the online module and demonstrate their mastery of the factual knowledge before they are given access to the practical side of the course.

4 January, 2016

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