End the struggle of using spreadsheets to track your training

Training Tracker External is an online learning management system that tracks offline training, makes reporting simple and automates follow-up.

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  • Save time and effort over a manual system
  • Expiring training is automatically followed up
  • Quickly and easily provide evidence of compliance
Sample bar chart from Training Tracker External's summary report showing numbers of passed, failed, expired, started and not started statuses

It's challenging to maintain accurate and consistent training data in unwieldy spreadsheets, and it's difficult to report on and take any needed action.

This can mean that trainees are not up to date with their training. Lack of reporting makes it difficult to provide evidence of compliance, and chasing up expiring training involves many emails, regularly resulting in missed deadlines.

With Training Tracker External, logging external training is easy, keeping learning data up-to-date and ensuring records are accurate. Built-in reports provide an in-depth analysis of training and quickly reveal current compliance levels. Training Tracker External automates the sending of emails to warn anyone that their training is about to expire.

External Training

Record, report and follow-up on training activities, including one-to-one, classroom, or sessions on video platforms such as Teams or Zoom, and upload certificates for these.


Administrators can produce a wide range of reports on learners' completions: ideal for managing your learners and presenting compliance data to an auditor or the CQC.

Managing Users

Training Tracker External's expiry feature can automatically email learners when their training needs to be renewed.

Features include …

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