Lots of elearning products claim to be easy-to-use, but Training Tracker really is!

Simplicity is at the heart of the product design—meaning that you immediately get going and spend a negligible amount of time supporting your users.

No matter how many users you have, your Training Tracker site includes all the available features at no extra cost.

New features are regularly added to Training Tracker, with upgrades driven by client requests and feedback.

Managing Users

Training Tracker's expiry feature can automatically email learners when their training needs to be renewed.

Users can be grouped into multiple categories to which you can assign different sets of modules. Reports can also use the categories to filter the data.

Training Tracker enables you to have a number of administrators with authoring and reporting rights.

External Training

In addition to delivering elearning, Training Tracker enables you to record other forms of training, such as classroom-based or oral assessments, and upload certificates for these.

This means that you can include a wide range of training sources in your reporting and use Training Tracker to manage expiries.


Training Tracker enables you to import and play SCORM 1.2 conformant modules, and directly launch and track elfh (elearning for healthcare) courses with the AICC compatible player.

Data from Training Tracker can be automatically exported for use in other databases, including LMSs and HR systems.


Administrators can produce a wide range of reports on learners' completions: ideal for managing your learners and presenting compliance data to an auditor or the CQC.

Training Tracker modules usually include a quiz, test or exam to measure learners' retention of information.

Successful learners can be awarded a printable certificate each time they pass a module.


Hit the ground running: as soon as you log into Training Tracker you will be creating your own elearning in minutes with the included authoring system.

You can have as many training authors as you want and there is no restriction on the number of modules you can host on your Training Tracker LMS.


A full range of content and multimedia elements is supported, e.g., formatted text, images, documents (including Word, Excel and PDF), MP3 audio and MP4 videos.

Videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo and your SharePoint site can be embedded into elearning content.

Pre-prepared Modules

Just add local information: in addition to creating your own modules from scratch, you can also purchase pre-prepared modules on a range of compliance related topics.

This is an ideal way to get your training up-and-running in no time, as all you have to do is update for local customisation.


No chances are taken with the security of your data, which is on our own servers in an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited UK data centre.

HTTPS and TLS encryption protects data transfers and two-factor authentication (2FA) helps to protect your logins.

User passwords are securely hashed using current best practices.

Technical requirements

Provided you have a recent browser, you're in business, and elearning written in Training Tracker is mobile friendly.

For administrators and authors we recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and keep you productive. There is also a comprehensive help system that has been praised by our clients.

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